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Politics - Government

The Interactive Constitution
Explore the constitution by topic, keyword for Supreme Court case. Great for teens

Democracy @ Work
Explore the election process, local government,
and other activities related to our government

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
A great site for young kids to learn about how
the government works

White House 101
All about our Presidents and the White House

New York State Assembly - Kids' Page
Learn how New York State is governed

New York State Senate Kids
Learn how New York State is governed

Congress for Kids
Learn all about the Senate and House of Representatives work

overnment Sites

FCC Kids Zone
Learn all about communication satellites, phones,
and TV

Census - Factfinder Kids Corner
Learn about the census, learn about your state,
and play games

U.S. Patent Office Kids Pages
What's a patent? Why are they important?

HUD - Kids Next Door
Learn to be a good neighbor and good citizen

Money - Economics

The Mint
All about earning, saving, and wisely spending money

Sense & Dollars
What do you know about money? Let's find out!

Economy for Kids
What's our economy? How does it work?

The Bad Credit Hotel 
Learn how to use credit cards wisely - for teens

Mad Money - Game
Try your hand at saving money to buy things

Hands on Banking
How banks work, checking and saving account basics

What is the Federal Reserve?

Design Your Own Bill - Game
Create your own money and learn why our money
looks like it does

Kids can learn all about money by exploring Minyanland

More Links

Social Studies for Kids
Tons of information here on a variety of topics.
Check it out!

Social Studies Home Work
Tons of links that will help you write papers

LII Government
Lots of links for teens

KidsClick! Society & Government
Great web links to social studies topics for kids

BJ Pinchbeck's - Social Studies
Super short list of great Soc Studies sites for kids

Police - Crime

McGruff the crime dog will help kids 'take a bite out of crime'

FBI for Kids - K-5th
Find out what FBI agents do and how they catch the bad guys

FBI Youth - Grades 6-2
Try your hand at being an FBI agent and help solve some crimes

CIA Kid's Page
Learn all about secret agents, spies, and solving international crimes

World Cultures

National Geographic Kids - People & Places
The place to go to discover different peoples and places

National Geographic - Travel & Cultures
Teens, discover the world and different cultures here

Global Connections - The Middle East
Learn more about the Middle East and the folks who live there

IPL Kidspace - Culture Quest
Go on an adventure to learn about a different culture

African Americans

African American World
Super site for kids about African Americans

Culture & Change - Black History in America
Tons of information about African American history for kids

Black History
African American History for teens from the
History Channel

Patchwork of African-American Life
Cool sites for kids studying Black history

Celebrating Black History
African American History Month resources from Biography.com

Africans in America
PBS site about the long history of Blacks in America

The Underground Railroad - Game
You are a slave that decides to flee to freedom. In the game you'll experience what slaves went through to be free

Other Ethnic Americans

Native American Cultures
Super website about Native Americans

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Huge site for kids with lots of info about Hispanic Americans

Hispanic Heritage
Links to Hispanic resources for teens

Maya & Miguel
Cool PBS TV show for kids (English & Spanish)

Asian Pacific Heritage
Cool site for kids about Asian Americans

Circle of Stories
Learn about Native American stories and storytellers


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