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Girl Sites

American Girl Fun
Lots of fun games and activities for girls

Lots of games, stuff to do, things to explore for Barbie fans

GirlStart - Smart from the Start
Site that encourages pre-teens to dream big

Girls Inc.
A cool hang-out for pre-teen girls

Polly Pocket 

Explore the world of Polly Pocket and go shopping or decorate the glamour mansion

Go Girls Only
After school fun and activities for girls. From
the Girl Scouts


Fashion and beauty, and shopping fun for pre-teen girls

Studio 2B
Cool after-school site for teens. From the Girl

Site that encourages pre-teen girls to excel at whatever they do

Girls' Guide to Life
Super guide to lots of topics of interest to
pre-teen and teen girls

The Business of Babysitting
Teaches girls how to make money and be a great
(and safe) babysitter

Engineer Girl! 
Ever thought about being an Engineer? - find out
more about it here


Website of Stephanie Meyer 
Learn all about the Twilight Series from the author herself

Beyond Nancy Drew
A cool list of books for girls.

Baby-Sitters Club
The official web page of the book series

Judy Blume's Kids Page
Judy Blume's written lots of books for girls, check them out and have fun too

Little House
Official site of the Little House on the Prairie books

Graphic Novels for Girls
A cool list of graphic novels. From the Univ. of Buffalo Library

Angela Writes Again - Online Book
Angela keeps a journal, read it online

Other Cool Stuff

Cheerleading Videos 
Learn how to do basic cheers by watching online videos. Go Team!!

Jewelry Making Videos 
Learn how to make cool jewelry to wear or give by watching online videos.


Movies - TV

All about the movie and lots to do as well

The Princess and the Frog 
Official website - lots to do and play with

High School Musical 
Everything for, downloads, quizzes

Hannah Montana Forever
Find out the latest about Hanna and her friends

That's So Raven
Explore Raven's world and meet her friends

Hanna Montana The Movie 

Liked the movie? You'll love this site with lots of videos including bloopers

Get the latest scoop on the Jonas brothers!

The Twilight Saga 
Everything you wanted to know about the movies
and stars

Twilight Guide 

Everything Twilight - quotes, pics, quizzes, quotes - for real fans

Word Girl
Discover Word Girl's world, write better and
have fun too!

Dora the Explorer
Official website for the TV show. Find lots of games and activities for young girls here


How Smart Are You About Cosmetics?
Take this online quiz to find out how much you know about the cosmetics you use

Best Bones Forever!  
Eating right will keep your bones strong!

Girls Health
A super site for pre-teen girls. Everything about girls' health

For older teens. (Some content may not be appropriate for younger teens)

Center for Young Women's Health
Huge health info site for teens (English & Spanish)

Blogs - Networking Sites

Barbie Girls
Cool social networking site for pre-teen girls.
Very pink!


Cowabunga Candace
Candace want to win the surfing tournament. You can help her by learning to surf

Princess Slide-N-Match
Make pictures of the princess, castle, and more!

Thrifty Threads 
Help folks recycle their old clothes into something new and better

Tracy Beaker Games 

Rock the Beat - Game 
Help Hannah Montana perfect her dance moves while rocking the beat

Create Your Own Fairy - Game 
Select the clothes, hair, etc. for you fairy, then name her, describe her and print a copy

The Plural Girls - Game
Pearl and Flora lost their friends. Help them by selecting the plural form of words

Muffy's Wardrobe - Game
Help dress Muffy in the right outfit. For young girls

Merry Tulip's Flower Shop - Game
Help Aga Panthis arrange flowers in a vase. For young girls

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