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Geography Essentials
Learn all about people, places, countries

Country at a Glance
Click on a country to find facts and maps

BBC Country Profiles
A cool search page to locate country information

CIA World Factbook
An amazing teen resource for country information

Learn and write about countries on this site

Visual Geography Series
Find pictures and maps of every country

Xpeditions Atlas
Cool, clickable world atlas from National

Africa for Kids
Young kids learn about African countries


Stately Knowledge
Learn all about the 50 states here

State Websites for kids
From this page connect to all the Kids pages
created by different states

Explore the States
Click on each state to find out interesting facts

More Links

LII Regions of the World
Tons of links for teens

KidsClick! Geography/History/Biography
Tons of great links for kids

Maps - Flags

Map Games
A ton of map games to play!

Flag Tag - Game
See how good you are at identifying different
country flags

Flags of the World
Every world flag and lots of information about
every country

Super country and flag information

World Flag Database
Alphabetical index of flag and country info

National Geographic Map Machine
Find a place using this cool  map search tool

National Geographic Atlas Explorer
Huge online atlas - great for homework


Edwin Van Moon: Balloon Tycoon
Use your geography knowledge to navigate around the globe and get your passport stamped.

GeoBee Challenge
How smart are you? Every day take the GeoBee Challenge

Play the game with Chester and learn about the world

Puzzled States
Put together the map of the United States

Take the Mapman quiz and see how much you know


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